5 Reasons to Get Your Chipped Tooth Taken Care of Immediately

You probably have noticed people with chipped teeth. This type of injury can occur for many reasons, such as being accidentally hit during competitive sports or falling down unexpectedly. However, it is best to get a chipped tooth fixed immediately by a dentist for the following reasons.

Get an Accurate Diagnosis

If a baby tooth gets chipped, it might not be a serious matter. But it is still a good idea to visit a dentist for an accurate assessment. An adult tooth that gets chipped could have minor damage that can be easily repaired, or there may be more serious ramifications, depending on the damage to the tooth. For example, if a fracture runs from the chipped area to the root, that will need to be addressed. If the chip is in a front tooth, it will be more noticeable and draw attention.

Improve Your Appearance

If a chipped tooth can be seen, it can make a person feel conspicuous and unattractive. Much depends on the size of the chipped area and how prominent it is. If the tooth is likely to be noticed when the person speaks or eats, it is probably wise to have it repaired to avoid feeling awkward. Fixing the chip will make the typical person feel healthier and more attractive.

Avoid Further Problems

If no action is taken to correct a chipped tooth, the tooth may be more vulnerable to additional damage if an accident occurs. Depending on the nature of the damaged area, the tooth may splinter further or develop problems at the root. Addressing the problem when it occurs can head off related or future issues to help protect the tooth from further damage.

Eliminate Pain

Some chipped teeth may affect the nerves of the tooth and cause pain. Since it is unlikely to improve on its own, the best course of action is to have the dentist evaluate the problem and fix the tooth, along with any adjacent issues, like nerve or root damage. According to South Temple Dental, if you act quickly and have all the fragments, your dentist may be able to repair your tooth. If not, many dentists will use composite bonding to replace your tooth. This process makes your teeth look healthy and strong again.

Protect Against Future Injuries

When the problem has been thoroughly diagnosed and treated, the dentist can advise the patient how to possibly avoid a similar problem in the future. Of course, some accidents cannot be anticipated or prevented. But taking precautions such as avoiding trips and falls by wearing sturdy shoes and rerouting around slippery areas may help.


A chipped tooth can be embarrassing and painful. Fortunately, proper dental care can address the problem and restore the tooth. Taking part of your oral health is just another facet of living a balanced life and focusing on total wellness.

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