4 Natural Ways to Deal With PMS

For women, there’s a specific week out of the month that we all dread. We try to continue with our daily tasks and responsibilities, but it’s not always easy. Fortunately, there are some natural ways to ease pain and discomfort during your monthly cycle. Here’s a look at four natural ways to deal with PMS and make the pain go away.

Soak in Warm Water

Many women have severe back pain that stems from when the flow stops but is not completed. To help ease aches and cramping, run a super warm bath to soak your body. The warmth of the water will increase the blood flow. Water also reduces the pull of gravity on your body at the same time.

A nice soak in the tub is also a great opportunity to relax and de-stress. Read a book, play music, or listen to a podcast to get your mind off of the pain. At a later point while soaking, you will feel your body finally relax and let go.

Try Natural Remedies

Women have used herbs and other natural remedies for centuries as a way of easing PMS symptoms. Look for supplements that support your body’s stress response and increase energy levels.

In addition to herbs, essential oils are another great option. With the wide variety of essential oils available today, you can use oils to relieve a range of symptoms. For example, eucalyptus oil is great for relieving menstrual cramping.

Get a Massage

Besides foot massages being generally relaxing, they also have health benefits. In fact, they have been known to help with bloating and cramping. The science of Reflexology was introduced in America by William Fitzgerald in 1913. But it has been recognized as a treatment option since 2330 B.C. in China and Egypt. In other words, a seemingly simple foot massage can have a big impact on whole body wellness.  

In addition to reflexology, look into your options for heated self-massage. Heat has known benefits for relieving the tension, aches, and pain associated with menstruation. If seeing a reflexologist or masseuse isn’t in your budget, then self-massage tools are a great option for relieving pain at home.

Improve Your Diet

Salt and caffeine restrict blood vessels from flowing. This causes more pain during menstruation. Eating more vegetables and less fat will support hydration. Beyond that, drinking the daily recommended amount of water will lessen fluid retention. This painful fluid retention is what we call bloating. By making conscious food choices, you’ll notice a huge difference in how you feel during your period and also the week leading up to it.

By taking an active interest in improving your overall health, your menstrual pain will decrease drastically. These simple but profound changes will help you function during your difficult week each month. By taking a hot bath, herbs, a foot massage, and improving your diet, you will see a profound change in your life.

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