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Hundreds of Teas To Choose From – Which Is Yours?

Coffee— a popularly commercialized beverage. Though it tastes great and gives you a load of caffeine-pumped energy, consuming excessive amounts of coffee may be detrimental. 

That is why we encourage you to try teas instead! With just two ingredients (hot water and flavored tea bags), teas can be just as good as coffees if not better. 

Here’s a list of teas we’ve curated for you to explore:

Green Tea (+ Matcha)

This is undoubtedly the most renowned tea in the world of teas. Did you know, in the year 2019, the global green tea market reached a value of $ 18.4 Billion? Green tea is extracted from Camellia sinensis leaves originating from China.

Drinking green tea regularly comes with boundless benefits. Most prominently, drinking green tea assists with bloating issues as its antioxidant properties help the liver detox the body. Consuming green tea can help you stop worrying about bloating in no time!

  • Calories (approximately): 2 calories in 100 grams
  • Best time to drink: two hours before or after your meals

Peppermint Tea

As the name suggests, peppermint tea is made from peppermint plants commonly found in Asian and European regions. Other than its minty aroma, this tea helps relieve post-menopausal syndrome symptoms such as nausea, headache and cramps. Moreover, in just one cup of peppermint tea, your body gets nutritional goods such as Vitamin A, folate, iron and many more!

  • Calories (approximately): 1 calorie in 100 grams 
  • Best time to drink: early in the morning in an empty stomach 

Chamomile Tea

Have you ever had nights where you wanted to wind down and sleep…but you just couldn’t? If yes, then this tea is for you! Chamomile tea is a herbal drink made of daisy-like plants. This tea is scientifically proven to be a natural treatment when it comes to sleeping problems. If you thought its goodness stops there—it doesn’t! Chamomile tea also acts as an antispasmodic agent that helps relieve headaches along with anxiety.   

  • Calories (approximately): 2 calories in 100 grams
  • Best time to drink: during the evening

Ginger Tea

This is probably one of the easiest teas to make from scratch in your own home. Unlike other teas originating from leaves or flowers, ginger tea comes from…well, ginger. 

Simply cut 2 to 3 slices of ginger and boil it in water for about 20 minutes. Next, transfer the liquid into a cup and add sugar or honey as needed. Give it a good stir and voilà: you can now savor a cup of ginger tea!

For centuries, ginger tea has been used to relieve sore throat and stomachaches thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

  • Calories (approximately): 5 calories in 100 grams 
  • Best times to drink: in the morning or afternoon

Jasmine Tea

Cold or hot, this jasmine-scented tea is always a yes. A cup of this traditional tea comes with a ton of antioxidants that help reduce bloating. Moreover, drinking jasmine tea helps to decrease stress levels and also improves your immune system. 

If you’ve been caffeine-dependent for a long time and wish to switch to a healthier alternative, jasmine tea could be the answer! A regular cup of coffee has up to 100mg of caffeine. By contrast, a cup of jasmine tea contains only 15 to 60 milligrams of caffeine, which may be enough to avoid caffeine withdrawal symptoms. You could easily substitute your daily dose of coffee with jasmine tea and gradually taper down.

  • Calories (approximately): 5 calories in 100 grams
  • Best intake times: at least 30 minutes after meals, do not take on an empty stomach 

“Healthy eating is a way of life, so it’s important to establish routines that are simple, realistic, and ultimately livable.” – Horace

Whether you’re trying to stop drinking coffee or simply want to widen your horizons, teas are a great choice. Remember, you are what you eat (or drink!), so make wise choices today for a better tomorrow.

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