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Spotify Playlists to Calm the Mind

Music is often regarded as a universal language. This is because no matter what language a song is in, whether it be English, Korean, or French, you can still enjoy the music.

According to researchers from MARCS Institute for Brain, Behavior, and Development, music maximizes our brain’s learning capacity and increases memory and retention. In turn, this positive effect on our brain results in the triggering of emotions and thoughts depending on the type of music we listen to.

Humans are inclined to dance, sing and hum with music. Our minds and bodies are hard-wired to be affected by the type of music we listen to. 

Some of the few benefits of listening to music include: alleviating mood, improving focus, helping in relaxation, and reducing stress.

Had a bad day? Search up a Spotify playlist to uplift your heart, mind, and soul. Here are just some playlist suggestions that we have for you.

Calm Vibes

As the name suggests, calm vibes by Spotify will give you the perfect mix of calming songs you need to hear after a long day. Close your eyes, put on that playlist (and light that scented candle if you have one!), and feel drawn into the world of relaxing music.

Classical Essentials 

If you are one of those people who enjoy listening to classical music, or enjoy the sounds of pianos and cellos, this playlist is for you. Spotify has curated the best and most popular classical pieces from musicians such as Beethoven, Vivaldi, and Bach.

A 2018 study showed that classical music causes the slowing of heart rate and breathing, eventually reducing emotional distress. It also lessens anxiety by reducing cortisol levels in the brain. In addition, classical music is widely believed to make you smarter and help induce sleep.

Care for some Pachelbel’s Canon, anyone?

Coffee + Chill

This playlist by Spotify speaks for itself. It curates the perfect songs for when you’re in the coffee shop, chilling, or when you’re just at home sipping your favorite homemade brew.

From Taylor Swift’s “exile” to “always, I’ll care” by Jeremy Zucker, this playlist will give you that coffee house feel. This is the perfect kind of music you should listen to while watching the sunrise or the sunset.

Acoustic Favorites

When it comes to calming one’s mind, nothing beats the sound of a guitar. In this paylist, the warm strums of guitar strings allow you to enjoy your favorite contemporary, hip hop, and pop songs in a new and peaceful way..

From original acoustics like Conan Gray’s “Heather” to The Macarons Project’s “Fly Me to The Moon,” and acoustic renditions of songs like BTS’ “Dynamite,” this playlist will provide serenity with a twist.


Music isn’t the only thing available on Spotify. Many people relax and unwind by listening to podcasts. There are various podcasts available on Spotify that cover different topics, from meditation to motivation to sleep aid. 

Podcasts have been shown to stimulate parts of the brain depending on the genre we listen to, according to a 2016 study from UC Berkeley. Not only that, podcasts help improve mental imagery.

If you haven’t tried listening to podcasts yet, Spotify has a wide selection to choose from!