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The Art of Flower-Pressing

Flower-pressing is a delightful, ancient art form loved and cherished even today. This craft allows you to enjoy your blossoms for years to come by preserving them into a fine display. This art is easy to learn since most of the work is done by the magic of the beautiful flowers that you choose. Besides, it’s a remarkably therapeutic hobby that will bind you with nature. Read on to discover the history of flower-pressing and how to create your own beautiful artwork from the delicate beauties in your backyard.

The Origin

The simple art form of flower-pressing was first practiced by the Greeks and Romans thousands of years ago. In the 1500s, pressing flowers were for the meticulous and skilled. The art became particularly fashionable in Victorian England. It was a common pastime for women of any social class at the time, as it didn’t require any special tools.

Things You Will Need

The equipment you need to start flower-pressing can be easily obtained. Below are the things you’ll need.

  • Paper: common papers used are bond paper, blotting paper, and Japanese paper
  • Garden scissors or pruning shears: to cut and trim the stems of your flowers
  • An assortment of wildflowers and plants: to decorate your paper
  • Book/Heavy Objects or Pressing Kit: To press and dry the flowers
  • Glass frames: To arrange and display your blooms
  • Spray: to help preserve your flowers


Master the art of flower pressing with these simple steps!


Choose your ideal foliage, shrub, or plant. It should have balanced leaves with beautiful blooms. You can collect several leaves, grass, or shrubs from your garden, flower stores, or recreational parks to experiment with. To avoid them wilting, press them immediately after collecting.


Make sure the flowers are dry before pressing. Place them between the pages of a book or album or with the help of a flower press. Avoid squashing the petals by using a tissue paper to cover them. You can also place the petal sideways to create an interesting effect.


The flowers need to dry properly before you arrange them in glass frames. Make sure you leave the book in a dry, cool place for best results. It takes around two to three weeks to press and fully dry the flowers.


The drying process will preserve the petals. However, their color might fade with time due to direct sunlight, humidity, etc. You can preserve the flowers further by applying a spray, sealant, or varnish.


Once the flowers are completely dry, arrange them in glass frames. Trim the stems to the right height so that they fit snugly in the glass frame. Arranging the flowers in a glass frame will elongate the display more artistically.

The art of flower-pressing is undeniably one of the most pleasant and satisfying crafts. Whether you want to preserve your wedding bouquet or prolong the life of a special bunch of plants, this craft gives you the chance to cherish nature. You can make beautiful cards, pictures, and all kinds of craftwork with them. Your framed artwork will add a unique, stylish touch to your home. Put a smile on your loved ones’ faces by giving them a birthday card with their birthday flower pressed all around! Let your imagination run wild with this calming craft.