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The Power of Positive Affirmations

There’s nothing more powerful than the mind. It may seem difficult to some, but one of the best ways to relieve ourselves of negative thoughts is to constantly and continuously remind ourselves of positive messages and words of affirmation.

What exactly are positive affirmations?

Simply put, positive affirmations are positive messages and thoughts we tell ourselves whenever we feel like we’re being bogged down by a heavy burden or a negative thought. It begins by digging deep down into your mind about what bothers you and telling yourself positive things to drown out those thoughts.

Now, some people might have reservations about positive affirmations, saying that they won’t change whatever situation they are currently in. 

That’s true, they won’t. But that doesn’t mean they can’t help. If we can’t change the external factors affecting our situation, we can help ourselves instead. 

As we grow old, we become exposed to so many situations that our brain becomes hard-wired and trained to think specific thoughts. With the help of positive affirmations, especially as a daily habit, we can rewire our brain to think more positively when things get tough.

The idea behind positive affirmations is to speak to ourselves about something we believe in and that is in line with our core values. So, what sort of messages should we be telling ourselves as part of our journey to positive affirmations?

I am enough.

It may or may not be true to all, but many of us are subject to so much pressure, expectation and comparisons on a daily. We must remind ourselves that we are enough, that we are our unique selves, and we live our lives and not the lives of somebody else. 

I can do this.

This may not sound like a grandiose positive affirmation, but this one is the most used and the most effective. Telling yourself “I can do this,” when encountering a difficult problem will act as a mantra to prevent yourself from giving up. Whisper it low or say it out loud! 

It’s okay to say no.

Most of the time we are troubled with the thought of saying no, especially to people we know—even at the expense of ourselves. Listen, it’s okay to say no. If you don’t feel like doing something because it makes you uncomfortable, remember that it’s perfectly alright to say no. 

My body is amazing the way it is, and I accept myself this way.

In this superficial world, we are often judged by how we look in society. Am I skinny enough? Am I muscular enough? Is my face smaller than everybody else’s? Society has a set standard for beauty, but no one should be obliged to please the masses on how to look. Tell yourself that your body is amazing the way it is. If you are happy and healthy, then no one else’s opinion matters.

These are just thoughts. Only I determine the way I feel.

It is important to remind ourselves that we always have full control of our thoughts and emotions. Whenever we get bad thoughts about situations, we need to remind ourselves that we can change the way we want to. 

There are many positive affirmations you can practice on:

  1. Nobody but me decides how I feel.
  2. I am resilient, strong, brave, and I can’t be destroyed.
  3. Good things are going to come my way.
  4. I matter.
  5. If I fall, I will get back up again.

Any positive thought you inject into your system can be a positive affirmation. Relax and close your eyes. Believe in what you say and with practice, these positive affirmations will help you change your mindset in life.