Deep Diving, Yoga

Yogi Spotlight #1:

“Yoga always tries to transform the body because if the body transforms, the mind will mature by itself”—Sadhguru.

The practice of Yoga involves training the physical, mental, and also spiritual aspects of our body. We often get lost or stay consumed by our thoughts in this day and age. Yoga, a 5000-year-old practice, plays a massive role in maintaining our overall health through being more mindful, calm, and energized throughout the day.

Jaggi Vasudev, or better known as Sadhguru, is an influential yogi; in fact, he’s one of India’s Top 50 Influential people. His teachings have gone a long way in helping millions of people improve the state of their bodies and soul. He is globally recognized for his insightful speeches accompanied by humour and multiple programs tailored to enrich one’s life. According to Sadhguru, his main aim is to raise every human being to the peak of their potential to be exuberant, all-inclusive, and in harmony within themselves and the world.

Being a Yogi in a digital world, Sadhguru takes full advantage of technology’s power to spread his word to people in every corner of the world. This is apparent in his YouTube channel with over 6 million subscribers and up to 1900 posted videos. If you are thinking of visiting his channel, you can expect to see videos ranging from “the science behind sitting cross-legged” to “secrets of Ayurveda.” He also has a smartphone application titled “Sadhguru-Yoga & Meditation,” which can be downloaded with a simple click. Those who have installed this application will receive daily push-notification of quotes, free meditation practices to relieve stress or anxiety, articles by Sadhguru, and many more goods.

If you thought his contribution to the Yogic world stops there—you thought wrong! Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering program is another notable work. It’s a comprehensive course discussing and teaching about the technology for well-being derived from the science of Yoga. Participants of this course are guided to achieve inner transformation by bringing a change to the lens through which we view our life, work, and the world as a whole.

In Tamil Nadu, India, there’s an establishment called Isha Foundation with an Adiyogi statue, a 34-meter-tall, 45-metre-long, and 25-meter-wide steel statue of the Hindu deity Shiva. Did you know the word ‘isha’ means “the formless divine”? Isha Foundation is a non-profit organization initiated by Sadhguru to foster inclusivity towards global harmony and progress. Yoga practices and outreach programs such as environmental rejuvenation are conducted to enhance people’s spiritual and physical well-being.

Moreover, this organization is managed by over 9 million volunteers, and to date, there are 300 Isha centers worldwide. As a human service organization, Isha Foundation recognizes an individual’s potential to empower others and contribute to the global community through inspiration or self-transformation.

Multiple scientific studies prove that incorporating Yoga into your daily routines can increase happiness and emotional strength. If you’re looking to embark on the journey of practicing Yoga, reading ‘Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy,’ a New York Times Best Seller book written by Sadhguru, would be a good start. Furthermore, this 63-year-old yogi is also the author of several other Yoga-centric books with an overall average 4.8-star rating. His Bachelor’s degree in English combined with his years of wisdom gives an authentic essence to his writing, and it helps many discover themselves. His most recent book called “Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Destiny” will be released on April 27th. Nevertheless, this book has been sold to over 3 million people from the record of pre-orders alone.

The literal translation of Yoga from Sanskrit is ‘unity.’ Therefore, the purpose of Yoga to bring unity to all the elements of your body, allowing you to live your lives to its fullest potential. If you’re feeling unhappy, uncertain, stressed, or helpless, practicing Yoga may be the missing piece to solving the puzzle of life. Give it a shot, for you won’t know if you don’t try!