Our Values Are
Centered Around Your Wellness

More than just herbal supplements, we provide you with a natural edge on your health
Introducing Taj Valley

Our products are sourced from the same fields in modern-day India and Pakistan, as they have been for generations. These are the same fields that have produced Fenugreek, Psyllium Husk, Ashwagandha, Cinnamon and more before the creation of Pakistan and far before the arrival of the 200-year long British occupation of South Asia. It is the same soil, the same knowledge passed down, and generally even the same family lineage which tills the land.

Generations of Healing

Our company and our products are built upon the traditions of our ancestors in South Asia, who used single herbs and blends as part of their everyday health and wellness routines. They didn’t have ibuprofen, naproxen, or antacids, but they did have Turmeric, Fenugreek, and Fennel Seed. From their example, we continue to source all of our raw materials from farms in India and Pakistan, and we do so with a laser focus on organics.

8,500 Miles

Our herbal ingredients are shipped over the Pacific where they arrive in the US, and after rigorous testing, are sent for manufacturing. Once our products are packed into amber-colored bottles of goodness, they’re shipped to our offices in Space City, Texas, as a temporary holding place, until they arrive at your doorstep.

We’re Here With You

Since 2016, we’ve provided access to healing rooted in our family’s traditions to folks all over the US and beyond, and we’ll continue to do so, as long as we have your trust. Naturally produced, ethically sourced, and packed with generations of healing, we look forward to working with you on improving your wellness.

Our Heritage

Our products are derived from generations of tradition preferring natural healing and wellness above all else.

Natural & Vegan

Free of additives and extracts to ‘enhance’ benefits, our products are effective as they have been for generations because of their natural elements.

Do Unto Others…

Throughout South Asia, our fair trade practices include good working conditions, fair pay, and sustainable environmental policies.