Taj Valley was built upon the traditions of our ancestors in South Asia, who used single herbs and blends as part of their everyday health and wellness routines.

From their example, we continue to source all of our raw materials from farms in India and Pakistan with a focus on organic and fair-trade practices and manufacture everything under strict GMP guidelines here in the US.

Since 2016, we’ve provided access to generations of healing rooted in our ancestral tradition to folks living in North America, the Middle East, and East and West Africa.


We source our ingredients from the un-refined fields of India, through fair trade practices including good working conditions, fair pay, and sustainable environmental policies. Every purchase improves the lives of farmers and workers by creating income and opportunities.


For generations, our ancestors in South Asia have used the same ingredients for their numerous natural restorative properties. Using the same formulas which have repeatedly worked for hundreds of years, we’re bringing ages of wisdom into your homes.


All of our ingredients are natural, vegan, and chemical-free. Moreover, our ingredients are NOT processed, chemically dried, or bleached. Gluten-free and zero additives such as soy and rice flour. We stand behind our transparency and guarantee our quality.